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A modern business planning program designed especially for broadacre farmers managing climate and market variability. 



At the end of the 6-month program, you will have created an 8-year business plan that will assist you in managing variable farm production (and its impact on your finances and landscape); and give you tips on how to balance lifestyle and farming. 


The program will be open to 10 farm, fishery and forestry businesses. All members of the farm business are encouraged to attend.  A priority will be given to businesses be based in the Upper South East.


The 6-month businss planning program consists of - 

Workshop 1    One-day workshop                Thursday 19th September 2019    Keith

Webinar 1       Farmer case-study                October 2019

Webinar 2       Farmer case-study                February 2020

Workshop 2    One-day workshop                April 2020                                        TBA

Business coaching                                       On-going


An 8-year planning template will be provided to each of the participating businesses electronically and a hard-copy in workshop 1. Participants will be encouraged to bring their computer to access the decision making tools, and to up-load the planning template.

A manual will also be provided with technical reference information.

Technical support for the workshops has been provided by the SARDI Climate Application Science Program.  


We promise that the program will be hands on, with lots of practical activities, and presented by facilitator Danielle England. Danielle has over 20 years of business and industry planning experience, and brings to your business a good understanding of farming in the Upper South East, future trends in agricultural production and new markets, and generally lots of enthusiasm!

The program is supported through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program. 


To view the full program flyer, CLICK HERE

To submit your application to participate in the program, CLICK HERE.


APPLICATIONS CLOSE, 5.00pm Monday 9th September 2019
(applications submitted online via google form - for a word version contact Danielle)


For more information, contact Danielle England on 0429 676077 or


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