Janelle has a passion for agriculture and a strong interest in animal production.

Janelle has worked closely with many grower groups across Western Australia in pasture and sheep production projects, and is the West Arthur Trials Group coordinator. This work, and study, has seen Janelle work alongside several research organisations in both laboratory and on ground research.

Living and working on her partners’ mixed enterprise farm at Darkan is something Janelle really enjoys, and a mix of farming and consulting gives her a good understanding of mixed farming businesses and the people involved.

Janelle graduated from University of WA in 2010 with a Bachelor of Animal Science at (which included a Sheep Production unit through the University of New England). In her final year of study she received the Australian Wool Education Trust scholarship while completing her honors thesis on the nutritional value of Saltbush to sheep, in cooperation with the CSIRO Livestock Industries program.

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Mobile: 0410 233 903
Email: janelle@aginnovate.com.au

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